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    South West Flight 606 A Little Rocky

    Happy New Year!

    Ginger and I spent a five-day cruise with daughter number one (Kelly) and her family the third week in December. We had a wonderful time with the grand children and great grandchildren, and the weather was fantastic.

    Everything went according to plan, until we headed back to Ohio. The transportation service transferred us from the ship straight to the airport. The only problem with that was we had a 6:00 p.m. air flight, and it was only 10:30 a.m. – and we now had a seven and one half hour layover.

    As we entered the airport, with all 13 bags of luggage, we knew we had to do something? Kelly and David noticed that there was a Hilton inside the terminal as we moved in for the long wait. After a short conference, it was agreed to check out to see if they had a day rate while we waited for our evening flight.

    They returned very quickly with smiles gleaming.

    “Come on dad and mom, we can get a room for $99 and we can sit by their pool until it’s time to fly home,” Kelly announced.

    “That’s great, mom and I will split the cost with you,” I said with a relief. “I’m not sure my back would hold out in this terminal.”

    “Let’s go!” Grandma GG shouted. And all 11 of us made a mad rush for the elevators.

    Ginger was so excited that she shouted that she would buy lunch for everyone. I nudged her and reminded her we were in a Hilton.

    By 3:30 p.m. we were ready to get the kids out of the pool, and head to our gate. Everything went as smooth as silk. Our fight was scheduled for a one-hour layover in Nashville, TN. The ride from Orlando to Nashville was a little rocky, but the pilot landed the aircraft with pure accuracy.

    After our departure, we immediately noticed that just about 100 percent of the flights were on delay status. The Northeast weather ban was now playing havoc with everyone trying to get home for Christmas.

    Our plane was delayed for almost two hours, when the airport speaker service announced that a tornado was headed for the terminal, and all passengers should now move away from windows and to get into the center of the concourse.

    David and I agreed we should probably get as close to restrooms as possible. “If this does hit, help me get everyone into the restrooms as quick as possible,” he whispered.

    We stood arm to arm for about 20 minutes, when the loud speakers announced it was safe to resume waiting while seated.

    Thirty minutes later, they announced again that the tornado was heading for the airport. Once again we headed as close as possible to the restrooms.

    Everyone was now was getting a little nervous, and showed it as they made their way to the restrooms to use them.

    What seemed like days, they finally announced the storm had cleared and that all flights would return to normal.

    What they failed to announce, is that there was still some hearty weather and most flights would have to travel through them.

    Trying to seem like a veteran flyer, I told everyone while making the exit off the plane, that they would have paid money at Kings Island to ride on flight they just had.

    This week’s bottom line: I have to admit; the flight was one of the rockiest flights I’ve ever witnessed. Even at 68, I was a little scared. However, our great grand children slept through the entire ordeal.

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