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    5 easy ways for modern couples to take date night to the next level

    Romance is much more than a simple card on Valentine’s Day. Amid the hectic schedules and chaos of everyday life, romantics across the country are looking for ways to spice up that intimate evening with someone special. Since crowded restaurants and cold temperatures are a sure-fire way to kill the mood, a celebration at home can be much more appealing. Incorporate these modern twists on a romantic night in to take your next date night to the next level.

    Uncork the night

    Set the mood for a romantic evening at home with a bottle of decadent red wine. Apothic Crush is a red blend that combines red fruit flavors with notes of caramel. Its velvety smooth mouthfeel is sure to please every palate.

    Modern day gourmet

    Meal subscription services make it easy for even novice cooks to create culinary masterpieces. Tantalize your taste buds with exciting seasonal recipes using exotic ingredients delivered right to your door. The joint activity adds an element of adventure, livening up a night at home.

    Travel down memory lane

    Memories of relationship milestones and special moments generate warm feelings of nostalgia. Create a digital scrapbook of images from your most memorable experiences together and spend some time reminiscing about the magic that started it all.

    Personalize your playlist

    Surprise your significant other with a throwback radio dedication via Spotify. Your personalized message shared with a special song is sure to impress while evoking the carefree days of mixtapes and long conversations over landlines. To make your dedication, visit

    A gift that keeps on giving

    It’s important to take time out of our busy lives for date night. Keep the magic of the night alive with a “2016 Save the Date Night” booklet where you can schedule future date night outings or activities all year long. Remember, everyone loves a little mystery and subtle creativity trumps extravagance every time.

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