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    5 tips for tackling your weekend DIY like a workout

    Back-to-school marks the beginning of one of the busiest times of year for everyone. You have errands to run and kids to transport to school and activities, but it’s also important to take a few moments for yourself. When you’re constantly running from one commitment to the next during the week, it’s necessary to take time to tackle your to-do list and make it happen during the weekends. Whether you’re working on getting your calendar ready for the school year, reorganizing closets or working on a DIY project, weekends can be just as busy as the weekdays.

    “I love taking on projects around the house,” says Ashley Borden, celebrity fitness trainer and MOTRIN Brand spokesperson. “But it’s important to make sure you’re fully prepared to complete your to-do list and still be rested enough to take on the next week.” In fact, 81 percent of women admit that they don’t warm up or stretch before doing home improvement projects, according to a survey conducted by the makers of MOTRIN.

    Below are some of Ashley’s essential tips to keep in mind before you start tackling any weekend project:

    *Be prepared: Think through the details of your projects and gather everything you’ll need in advance. Will you be outside and need sunscreen? Will you need something comfortable to kneel on? Do you have all the tools you’ll need? By organizing everything you’ll require from start to finish you’ll be able to dive right into the project over the weekend and get it done more quickly and safely.

    *Wear clothing that is functional as well as cute: Whether you’re ramping up your fitness routine or tackling a project around your house, get into the right frame of mind by wearing an outfit that you feel good in and that’s something you love. If you feel frumpy and sloppy you won’t feel motivated! Make sure you have the proper gear, including stable, protective footwear, and clothes that fit and make you feel good about yourself! Whether you’re inside or out, dress accordingly. When outdoors, wear light colored sport clothing with breathable fabrics. They will keep you cool and help you avoid any body chaffing.

    *Stretch/strengthen: This doesn’t take a lot of time but it makes a big difference! Warm up those muscles before you get going and then stretch them out again at the conclusion of your project. Just because you were not “at the gym” doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need to stretch out before and after a long DIY day.

    *Recover: Stay hydrated and make sure you recover! Keep at least 8 oz. of water with you as you attack your projects. Set a reminder on your phone to hydrate every 15 minutes. To really treat those muscles, consider taking a hot bath with some Epsom salt at the end of your day. Sip on a cold glass of water during your bath and relax. “I also like to keep MOTRIN products close at hand for my aches and pains,” Ashley says.

    *Move with purpose: “Many injuries I see result from being clumsy or absent minded when completing a task. Moving furniture, lifting heavy, awkward items, gardening, and painting–all of these tasks can be recipes for injury if you’re not moving with purpose. I always tell myself and my clients, to focus on the task at hand. Picture yourself completing the task before you do it. For example, if you are picking up a heavy bag, see your correct body position and engage your core while lifting and moving it.”

    Follow these tips and you’ll be checking all the items off your weekend to-do list and taking care of yourself at the same time, so you can revel in that feeling of accomplishment and be ready to take on the coming week.

    *Remember to talk to your doctor before starting or changing any exercise routine and always use product as directed.

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