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    50th Anniversary Big Success.

    We had a grand time with our 50th anniversary graduating class of 1963 over the weekend.

    It just doesn’t seem possible, that we’ve been out of high school for 50 years. One class member (Jack Fetters) I haven’t seen in 25 years. It was fun reminiscing, telling stories, and listening to accounts I couldn’t believe happened. “Where in the heck was I?” I wondered to myself with a smile.

    We started the weekend with dinner a Buffalo Jack’s on Friday night.

    The response of those attending was fantastic! I personally didn’t take a count, but there had to be at least 20 present. One member told us, that if didn’t have a local classmate sitting beside him; he wouldn’t have known half of them. You have to admit, in the last 50 years everyone takes on a different look. We all have taken on a couple extra pounds, more wrinkles, lots of gray hair, and most wear glasses. Other than that, we all were the same inside, just like we were in high school.

    Saturday was the Bradford Exempted School Alumni Association’s banquet and business meeting. Each year the association honors the classes of 50, 25, and 10-year anniversaries. It seems to me that you really don’t take your honors very seriously until the 50th year and beyond. For example: We met on Sunday at the Turtle Creek golf club in Greenville. (This was the Greenville Country Club, until it went public a couple of years ago)

    Besides the class of 1963, there were two other alumni classes meeting, the class of 1961 and the class of 1953. Both classes told us that they meet every three months, or as often as they can.

    Our class responded that the ladies meet every month. The guys are invited, but they never show up. I told them that I was going to surprise them some day just to get caught up on all the gossip . . .

    There have been six classmates that are currently deceased. One member told me that he’s retiring in January of 2014, because he had his eyes opened when he heard about the death of Rex Whitmer and the massive heart attack that Russ Marshal just went through. Russ, was our class President in 1963.
    “I’m still healthy, and I need to smell the roses,” he confessed.

    I still don’t believe I ran my fist through the locker room door during half time at a basketball game. I also told one classmate that I certainly don’t remember drag racing, or pouring laundry soap in the Greenville fountain.

    This week’s bottom line: I do remember ordering over 20 maid rites, for just four people. It was a good thing I only ordered a small coke.

    Quotes on high school days

    When I was in high school, I got in trouble with my girlfriend’s Dad. He said, ‘I want my daughter back by 8:15.’ I said, ‘The middle of August? Cool!’
     Steven Wright

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