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    7 reasons tablets are good for your customers and your restaurant as well

    In today’s digital age, more people are enjoying more experiences via mobile screens than ever before. Modern technology is changing every aspect of life and the restaurant industry is no different. Digital offerings, such as tablets, play a vital role in the future of the industry, both in increasing in-store efficiencies and improving the overall guest experience. If your restaurant has yet to embrace tablet technology, here are seven reasons the order’s up.

    * Keep it entertaining. From trivia to interactive games, tablets at the table offer loads of entertainment options for guests. They can be used to occupy small children (saving your restaurant the expense of crayons and activity sheets) or create conversation starters among adults. However they are used, if your guests are entertained, they’ll have a more enjoyable experience at your restaurant.

    * Order with accuracy. A full restaurant is a profitable restaurant, but it also makes for a crowded, noisy environment. When these factors are in play, your serving staff is more apt to mishear an order. Tablets can help solve that problem by letting customers order from the screen, ensuring that no matter how loud it is around them, the noise won’t stop them from making the right order.

    * Paying made easy. Save your serving staff and your guest’s time by using tablets as an easy payment option. The tablet can process the entire bill, even add a tip. And this saves your serving staff from having to deliver checks to the table or your guests from waiting, allowing you to turn tables over more quickly.

    * Pay to play. Looking to add a new revenue stream to your restaurant? Who isn’t? Tablets can help. Free games can keep everyone entertained, but you can also use tablets to incorporate pay-to-play games, offering your guests another entertainment option and your restaurant another source of revenue.

    * Improve the guest experience. Restaurant patrons love to be catered to, but they like to be able to make their own decisions as well. Tablets offer both by giving them the chance to find entertainment, pay quickly, order correctly and entertain kids all on their schedule, leaving your staff to focus on the little things that add up to great customer service and memorable guest experiences.

    * Market at the table. If a guest is sitting at one of your tables, then you already know they’re interested in your business. Take advantage of it. Tablets offer you unique opportunities to promote new menu items and upcoming events. You’ll reach these most receptive customers in a natural way without the drawn-out sales pitch.

    * Save staff time. Tablets offer restaurateurs the ability to support the essential guest experience while cutting their most expensive costs – staffing. Whether you call upon the tablets to entertain the kids, take orders, handle bill payment or keep guests up to date, you’re reducing the staff time that was once applied to all these tasks. This saves your staff for those moments when a human touch is truly required.

    The restaurant business is still a people business where face to face interactions are irreplaceable, but as the world continues to move into the digital age, there is no denying the benefits of tablet technology for restaurants everywhere. By incorporating tablets into your restaurant, you’ll make your staff more efficient and improve the guest experience. Both sides will appreciate the change.

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