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    Breaking the glass ceiling: Navy offers women exciting career opportunities

    For teenage girls debating what they want to do with their lives after high school, the adjectives challenging, exciting, rewarding and empowering may not always be used as part of the discussion. But maybe they should be, because there are many opportunities available for high school graduates that encompass these traits, and women are encouraged to seek them out.

    Where are all of these exciting career opportunities for women to pursue? Many of them are found in the Navy. From flying in an airplane to diving in the ocean, the Navy has dynamic job opportunities with great responsibilities that allow a female to earn the respect she deserves.

    The lifestyle for women in the Navy is liberating. They can push personal and professional limits in this equal opportunity field. The notion of “man’s work” is redefined in the Navy. Stereotypes are shoved aside by determination, proven capability and a shared appreciation for work that’s driven by hands-on skills and adrenaline. In the Navy, a woman is part of a team that travels the world to carry out exciting missions most only see on TV or in the movies. And women who seek to pursue what some may consider male-dominated roles are not only welcome, they’re wanted.

    The Navy provides an excellent career choice for female high school graduates, and it’s a great choice for personal and financial reasons as well. That’s because the Navy provides the opportunity to help finance a post-secondary education while also providing women with the chance to see the world.

    What kinds of careers are available in the Navy? Train to become an Electronics Technician who knows her way around a nuclear propulsion power plant or a Naval Reactors Engineer who designs them. Work with advanced weapons systems on state-of-the-art ships, or lead security details anywhere in the world. Launch a cutting-edge career in the field of aviation as an Air crewman, an Aviation Structural Mechanic or one of several other specialties. It’s all possible, and women are filling these rolls in the Navy now.

    The Navy doesn’t only provide excellent career opportunities for women. From fitness rooms to pick-up sporting games and discounted tickets for national, regional and local attractions, women have the ability to connect with and make new friends while serving. Women interested in serving in the Navy will be able to join a team of more than 65,000 female Sailors.

    There are many high-impact positions currently in great demand, including:

    * Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician – Locate, identify, render safe and dispose of various forms of explosive devices – conventional, nuclear, chemical and biological.

    * Navy Diver – Perform underwater salvage, repair and maintenance, submarine rescue and support to Special Warfare and Explosive Ordnance Disposal communities.

    * Aviation Rescue Swimmer – Perform aviation rescue operations over land and in an open-water environment.

    * Builder – Construct everything from buildings to bridges or runways.

    * Naval Aviator – Be part of one of the world’s most renowned aviation teams, directing critical flight missions and piloting state-of-the-art aircraft.

    For information about women serving in the Navy visit, or for a list of questions women frequently ask about training and requirements. For more information about opportunities to serve, visit

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