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    Breeze through summer with this quick and easy snack idea

    The sun is out and kids are enjoying a much-deserved breather from their daily grind. Parents, on the other hand, must balance children’s summer activities, sports leagues, family summer trips and household errands.  As mom faces her busiest time of year head-on, quick meal and snack time solutions are just what she needs as part of a summer rescue!

    Sure, mom always makes sure her kids are getting a nutritious breakfast and are happily starting off their days, but it is equally important for mom to eat something that is both healthful and satisfying. An easy and better-for-you option to help power mom through the day is an open-faced sandwich packed with whole grains, protein and fiber.

    “A nutritious, enjoyable and easy meal can be hard to find! As a busy mom, I find open-faced sandwiches to be a great solution,” says Registered Dietitian Katie Cavuto. “I recommend using 100 percent whole grain bread as a nutritious foundation, such as the new Healthfull(R) breads, and then experimenting with seasonal fruits and veggies like arugula and avocado – the options are endless!”  

    Katie shares some of her favorite tips on how to make the most out of open-faced sandwiches:

    Any meal is fair game: Breakfast is a great time to make an open-faced sandwich because you can jazz up your morning toast with a variety of nutrient-rich ingredients like eggs, lox and avocado. Open-faced sandwiches are also great as an afternoon snack, especially after the gym. I like to layer one slice of 100 percent whole grain toast with better-for-you ingredients filled with protein and fiber, like almond butter and banana.

    Go 100 calories or less: When shopping in the bread aisle, make sure to read the labels. I always make sure the bread I am purchasing is made with 100 percent whole grains and that each slice of bread contains 100 calories or less. I recommend the new Healthfull(R) whole grain bread varieties because they come in flavorful varieties such as Steel Cut Oats & Honey, Nuts & Seeds and Flax & Sunflower and have 80 calories per slice! The bread alone will satisfy your taste buds, meaning the less ingredients (and calories) you’ll want to pile on.

    For more recipes and to learn more about different Healthfull(R) bread varieties, visit:

    Avocado & Egg Open-Faced Delight


    *1 slice of Healthfull(R) Steel Cut Oats & Honey bread, toasted

    *1/4 avocado, mashed

    *1 hard-boiled egg, sliced

    *3 cucumber slices

    *1/4 teaspoon chili oil

    *Lime zest

    *Salt and pepper to taste



    *Spread mashed avocado onto toast.

    *Top with egg slices and cucumber sliced.

    *Drizzle with chili oil.

    *Season with lime zest, salt and pepper.

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