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    Building a Tiny House with Plastics [Video]

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    Tiny House Nation’s Zack Giffin and builder Paul Baumann built a tiny house in Boulder, Colorado, for Plastics Make it Possible to highlight the environmental benefits of building materials made with plastics. The house demonstrates how energy-efficient plastic building products can help dramatically reduce energy use in any size home.

    To seal the “building envelope” and reduce unwanted airflow between the inside and outside of the tiny house, Zack and Paul relied on a variety of innovative plastic building products, such as three types of plastic foam insulation, insulated vinyl windows, a polyurethane and foam core front door, vinyl siding and trim, and a polycarbonate skylight. These plastics not only improve the energy efficiency of the tiny house, but they also make the house extremely durable and water resistant.

    This innovative tiny house has traveled around the United States, starting in Boulder, making its way to Los Angeles, and finally to Pittsburgh. Thanks to its sturdy plastic components, it’s ready to go just about anywhere. To learn more about the tiny house, plastics, and sustainability, please visit

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