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    Creating memories that last a lifetime

    In everyone’s life, there are traditions and memories that bind us to family, friends and a community of loved ones.

    Sometimes it’s the little things that trigger intense emotions that bring us back to those special moments we once shared with others. It could be the smell of autumn leaves, the flavor of a piece of cake that reminds you of the way your mother used to bake, or a song you haven’t heard since high school.

    These experiences and memories all contribute to making us who we are, and to the story of our lives.

    An unforgettable first date

    A new series of films about tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, in partnership with Jacob’s Creek, takes viewers behind the racket and the tennis court to reveal the experiences that shaped one of the world’s top tennis players.

    For instance in the short film, “A Laugh That’s Lasted a Lifetime,” Djokovic recounts his first date with his wife, Jelena Djokovic. Both funny and heartwarming, Djokovic begins by recalling how he wanted to take Jelena to someplace with class and style, while she reminds him that it was a sports bar.

    What does Djokovic do to show off his class? He orders steak tartare, knowing it sounds impressive, but not really knowing what it is. When it arrives, he motions to the waiter to say that it looks a little undercooked. Jelena can hardly hold back her laughter when he’s informed that steak tartare is always served raw.

    Family traditions

    Going back further, a tradition from his home is showcased in the second film, “Tradition.” Here, Djokovic recounts a special cake his mother would make at family meals called Cheznitsa. Baked inside this cake was a special coin and it was said that whoever got the piece with the coin, would have luck for a year.

    Like any kid, Djokovic always wished for that special piece and the good fortune it would bring. “The coin never did come my way,” Djokovic says. “But I’m pretty sure the luck did.”

    Reflecting on the process of making these films, Djokovic remarks, “My first date with my wife was a pinnacle moment in my life, a meal that changed me forever. Filming the story of our first date was great fun, I honestly felt taken back to being a nervous 18-year-old across the table from the most wonderful girl I have ever seen, the woman who is now my loving wife and mother of our little boy, Stefan.”

    While few know what it’s like to win Wimbledon, everyone can relate to the sentiments expressed in these films.




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