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    Cumberland Lake Weekend

    13 of the Godfrey clan, and two guests made a trip to Cumberland Lake in Kentucky over the weekend.

    When two-thirds of the clan gets together, its more than satisfying, it’s down right fun.

    Daughter number one (Kelly) organized the event, because they spend most of their summer in Cumberland. I didn’t realize how many friends they have that own property in this gorgeous boating wonderland. We rented a trailer and bunkhouse from the Kenworthy’s in Covington.

    The plan was to rent a pontoon, use this as a base point, then use our two other boats for wake boarding and tie offs. When we called for the pontoon, we were informed they had nothing left.

    Plan number two. We use one of the boats for wake boarding, and the other for joy riding and swimming. This way the younger kids could take turns at wake boarding, while the elders stayed stationary under the Bimini top.

    Ginger and I calculated it had been more than 20 years, since we rented a houseboat on Lake Cumberland, and spent a week with my Mother and Stepfather with our three little kids. It’s always nice to have family surround you.

    Friday evening, all day Saturday, and leave Sunday morning is a quick trip. But, when you can get that many people together, it’s always a good time!

    Well, it is said that the two happiest days of a boat owner’s life are the day they purchase their boat and the day they sell it.

    When son-in-law number two (Tim) tried to start his boat, it just wasn’t cooperative. He had just got in back from a local mechanic, but he didn’t have the time to take it out for a test ride. When something doesn’t start around three men, they immediately go straight for the carburetor. When they get to the engine, they find gas dripping like a hose. After a few looks, and a few jiggles, it’s determined the linkage wasn’t put back with snap rings. With one quick run to town and the local Auto Zone, we found what we needed and actually fixed the problem. The boat didn’t run with perfection, but it did get us through the weekend. I can only imagine what Tim will tell his mechanic.

    We boated all day on Saturday, and voted to call it a day around sun set. When we got to the boat ramp, it looked like they were having a boat show. There were hundreds of boats in line to use the three across boat ramp.

    Finally, it was our turn. Tim exited with ease. Son-in-law number one, (David) then took his turn, while grandchild number one (Chris) drove the boat onto the trailer. David shouts, “Make sure the trim is up!” Only to find out it will go down, but not up. We can’t get the boat out of the water, because the motor will hit the ramp. Did I mention, there were hundreds of boats? The native were getting a little restless. After several attempts, with no luck, we decide to get everyone out of the boat.

    “I’m going to put the boat back into the water and tie it to the dock, you get everyone in the truck and take them back to the trailer,” David commanded like a true Admiral would do.

    When we arrived at the campsite, everyone went into action to fix dinner for clan. It looked like Hell’s Kitchen. An hour later, David called Chris and told him to come back to the ramp to pick him and Kelly up. On his return, he told the crowd that he was leaving his boat, and that someone from Conley Bottom Marine will fix his boat on Tuesday, and then take the boat to the storage area with the Trailer. The Rank’s are planning on returning for the last ‘oorah on Labor Day weekend.

    This week’s bottom line: Even though boats are a pain in the asterisk, they always make you smile.

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