Dental Assisting Radiology 2013- 7 Hour

Dental Assisting Radiology 2013- 7 Hour
Event on 2013-01-12 08:30:00

Prepare for your Ohio State Dental Radiographer's Certificate by attending our one-day seminar!

Fee 8.00 – Includes all course materials, lunch and beverage.  You may find it helpful to bring a highlighter.

Please note:  There is no "hands-on" training with radiology courses.


We reserve the right to cancel a class if a minimum registration is not met.  Course fees subject to a .00 administrative charge if registration is cancelled within 7 days of course.  No refund will be made if cancellation of registration is within 7 days of course.  In the event of emergency, registrant my reschedule class.

at Columbus Dental Society
663F Park Meadow Road
Westerville, United States

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