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    Five Days Until Christmas

    Dr. Seuss said it like this, “Unless someone like you cares a whole lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
    It started in our house, when Ginger asked the smallest grandchildren and great-grandchildren to help her pass out Christmas presents. We had Ella, our youngest granddaughter, Athena, our oldest great granddaughter, and Lennox, our youngest great granddaughter. All three were decked out with their elf hats. They marched like little penguins all in a row, while GG shouted the names of the recipients.
    The older girls were just like little troopers, it was little Lennox who stole the show. She couldn’t wait to give the present to the proper person. In fact, when GG announced she was finished with one family at a time, Lennox would march back to the Christmas tree for more gifts. She didn’t care about her gifts; she just wanted to give them to someone else.
    This is what Christmas is all about. Giving! Just as God gave His only begotten Son, we too should replicate the action in giving.
    One of the gifts Ginger and I received was a “Giving Plate” from Morgan, our granddaughter number three, who filled it with homemade chocolate chip cookies, and announce that we need to pass it on.
    As our Savior’s birthday gets closer and closer, the giving spirit spreads throughout the world. Last Sunday, I was waiting in our car, when I noticed our new neighbor crossing the street with a giant squeegee. He began knocking the fluffy snow off our walks and steps. I rolled down the window and shouted, “what the heck you doing?”
    He responded with, “I know you’re going to church, and I thought I would give you hand.”
    Ginger told me this morning that she was behind a lady in Kroger’s that was trying to purchase her groceries. She noticed that she only had about $65 and she was trying to get everything on her list. When the clerk told her that the total was approximately $69, she responded with, “I can do without the chicken.”
    Ginger told the clerk to add it to her bill.
    Giving. It’s not hard. Just do it!
    This week’s bottom line: Merry Christmas!
    It’s good to be blessed. It’s better to be a blessing. Unknown

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