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    Florida Diaries 2015 Friday night dives.

    A few years ago, the Godfrey and Beck’s decided to eat out on Friday nights. We wanted to find unique restaurants throughout the area. We started calling our expeditions “Friday Night Dives”. We took this from the Food channel entitled Dinners, Drive-ins and Dives hosted by Guy Fieri. We simply shorten it to Dives.

    In all are attempts to find the best Dive in Florida; we’ve only refused to go into one establishment. It was a little out-of-the-way tavern and when we pulled up I immediately told the ladies that Larry and I would check it out, and to wait in the car.

    As we approached, there was so much smoke coming out the front door, it was hard to see inside. Remember, this is Florida, and the front door was propped open. Larry took one look at me, and we both nodded together “lets get out of here!”

    “Now this is what we call a true dive,” we informed the ladies. “But we don’t think it’s for us.”

    Since then, we continue our search every Friday night. Every body in the park knows about our adventure and usually asked us, “Are you going diving tonight?” And, the answer is always the same, “yeah, you want to come along?”

    You might call Ginger and I the “scouts”. When were out exploring, and find a new place to eat, we go in and try it out for lunch. If it’s good, we put it on our Friday night list.

    I read an article in the daily newspaper about a place called Romeos. A gentleman named Romeo, who was the cook, baker and candlestick maker, owned it. In other words he did it all. I decided to take Ginger near the establishment, and then ask her to join me for an Italian lunch.

    When she accepted the invitation, I drove up and announced, “we here.”

    “I’m hot going in this place,” she responded.

    “Why?” I asked.

    “There’s no cars, that’s not a good sign,” she observed.

    “Come on, lets give it a try, maybe they just opened,” I asserted

    When we were seated, there were only two other tables with patrons. Our waitress gave us a nice little table by the window facing the parking lot. “At least we can keep an eye on the car,” I mused.

    And the rest is history.

    Everything was delicious. Just like we were fed in Italy. Ginger loved it! And that means it was really good.

    This week’s bottom line: When we went back with the Beck’s and Bazill’s –even our Italian friend, Katie Carine Bazill approved. Don’t you love it, when a plan comes together?

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