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    Florida Diaries 2015 GMC Recall

    It’s approximately 878 miles from Bradford, OH to Frost Proof, FL. Most men would get into the car and never stop until they reached their destination. Averaging 60 miles per hour, they would make the trip in 14.6 hours.

    I’m lucky to make it to Cincinnati. Throw in our dog, Rosie and our time is usually around 18 hours. We stop at every rest area. Not for the dog, but for me. The ol’ bladder is not what it uses to be.

    No one wants to have car trouble, just ask the Larry Sarver the next time you see him. But on our trip down to the sunny state, our entire electrical unit goes out of the driver’s side. Thank goodness we had air conditioning. Nothing on the driver’s control switch or the magic king ring could lock the car, make the windows go up or down, or open the back hatch. Every thing had to be done by hand on each door or window. The magic key ring was useless. Do you any idea how many times I left the car and hit that magic button? Only to return and find the door wasn’t locked.

    We finally made it to Florida. One of the first things I did was call the closet GM dealer to get our magic key ring back into operation. My call went something like this: “Hello, Huston GMC dealer. How can I help you this glorious morning,” the nice feminine voice answered.

    “Hi. My name is Gary Godfrey, and my magic key ring won’t lock our car or let us make the windows go up or down, can you help us please,” I begged.

    “Well, let’s see what we have on a 2007 GMC Envoy,” she asserted.

    “This must be your lucky day Mr. Godfrey. There’s still an active recall on you vehicle. Would you like to make an appointment?” she said.

    “That would be great. How quick can you get me in?” I questioned.

    “How about Tuesday morning, around 11:00 a.m.” she asked.

    “That will be great, see you on Tuesday,” I explained.

    I forgot that we have only one car in Florida. The day of the appointment I told Ginger I was leaving to get our magic key ring fixed, and if she needed to go somewhere, she would have to use the Acura.

    “Yeah right,” she taunted.

    This week’s bottom line: The magic key ring is working again. I’m positive that our next trip will only take us 17.9 hours. But lets face it I will get to hear the two horn beeps, when I lock the car. And the real joy was it didn’t cost me a single penny.

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