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    Florida Diaries 2015 Washer and Dryer Installation

    You’ve probably heard the old saying, “happy wife, happy life.”

    Husbands and wives need to know that both of them can be wrong on occasion. This is why it’s more important to make your wife happy for the right reasons.

    There are only 45 trailers in our Frostproof winter home. The park has two washers and two dryers for those residents that have no washer or dryer inside their trailers. This can be a real challenge on Mondays, not to mention the rest of the week. Ginger never really complained about this chore, but I could sense that it was getting old, very fast.

    “Gin, I’ve decided we need to put in a washer and dryer this year, what do you think?” I asked sincerely.

    “Sounds good, but I can manage. After all, the washer and dryer is just across the street,” she reminded me.

    “I know, but I think it could save you a lot of time and hassle.” I reasoned.

    I immediately called my brother-in-law, Rich, and asked him if he would help me install the stackable washer and dryer we had purchased.

    “I can help you as soon as I finish the Sarver job I’m doing,” he replied.

    “When will that be?” I questioned

    “I should be finished in about two weeks. The Sarver’s will be here by then,” he said.

    “There’s no hurry. We haven’t had a washer or dryer for years,” I explained.

    In between jobs, fishing and playing golf we had the stackable installed and working within three weeks.
    “How are the new washer and dryer working out?” I asked Ginger.

    “It’s really nice to do a load when you want to, and not because you have to,” she described.

    And it’s been a happy wife, happy life ever since!

    This week’s bottom line: A good husband makes a good wife.
    John Florio

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