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    Florida Diaries 2015

    Austin's fishBelieve it or not, I do have a following for my weekly column. While wintering in Florida, I get complaints that my columns aren’t running. This year, I didn’t write a single column. But, don’t fret; I created a diary for our 2015 season. This week’s subtitle is:

    Kelly and Austin’s Visit

    Kelly, daughter number one, has managed to visit us each year since I’ve been semi-retired. This year it was Kelly and her youngest son Austin, grandson number four.

    It’s always nice to have visitors, but this was the first time we had to think how we could entertain a 16-year-old male?

    “Austin’s never really been fishing,” Ginger said.

    “Of course he has,” I countered. “What about when we had our trailer in Angola, Indiana?”

    “He could barely hold a fishing pole,” Ginger explained. “And that doesn’t count.”

    “I can certainly handle that problem,” I boasted.

    Five days in Florida, is a short visit. Especially when you calculate one day flying in and one day flying out. Now throw in a little rain, and your agenda is just about shot. On the day I had plan for Austin to try his luck at trolling for bass, it rained hard most of the day.

    “I looked at the weather, and it looks like there will be a small gap for about two hours,” Ginger informed me.

    “It’s now or never,” I replied.

    And just like that, we were out on the lake. After a short and quick lesson, Austin was trolling. I told him this is sometimes called the lazy man’s way of fishing. You just have to wait until something hits your lure.

    “It is very over cast, and I think we can at least catch one fish,” I narrated.

    We were just about finished with our first lap around Clinch Lake, when Austin had his first hit.

    “Keep your rod tip up and reel it in Austin,” I coached.

    Just like a pro, Austin had caught his first bass.

    “It’s looks like a keeper, they have to be at least 14 inches to keep,” I reported. “Put that baby in the live well, Austin.”

    “It looks like the rain is coming back, we’ll take one more pass through our honey hole, and call it quits. At least you have something to take back home to hang on the bragging board at school,” I grinned.

    It wasn’t more than 10 minutes later, Austin said, “Grampie, I think I have another fish on?”

    “Just keep reeling,” I acknowledged. “I’ll get the landing net ready.”

    “It’s getting hard to reel, Grampie,” Austin insisted.

    “Just keep reeling!”

    As I reached down to put the landing net into the water, I could see it was coming up. All at once, I saw its mouth. “Wow! Austin you’ve a huge Hog. Just keep reeling; he’s almost up, I shouted.

    You can call it beginners luck, perfect overcast weather, or the guide of the century, but Austin landed a seven-pound bass! What a hog!

    This week’s bottom line: Austin 2. Grampie 0.

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