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    For small organizations, simplifying management can mean new opportunities

    How many people think about the more fun or more effective things they could be doing when they’re taking care of minor – but all-too-necessary – tasks? For those in management positions in small clubs and organizations, there’s a lot to be done, and many times, a volunteer-only workforce to make it happen. In order to respect members’ time and make the most of financial resources, it’s important to find ways to keep processes quick and efficient. One of the hallmarks of club participation is generally high turnover in task management. Someone might only serve as treasurer for a year, while a secretary might need to move out of state midway through his or her tenure. Even if members participate over the course of many years, their involvement might grow and diminish, based on the amount of time they’re able to give. This can lead to record-keeping chaos, as files sometimes don’t get transferred and information gets lost in transition. Tracking items down and trying to keep everything up to date then demands even more time from volunteers and can cause more than a few headaches. For those who oversee clubs and manage groups of volunteers, the goal is to make each task as easy as possible for everyone. Using a resource like membership software from Wild Apricot can centralize records, documents and everything necessary to membership management. The value proposition of low-cost membership software is an added bonus for clubs of all sizes. While some small organizations with limited budgets might feel it’s too challenging to add a new expenditure, the hours of work saved on and the simplification of the membership sign-up process can add up to real savings. And in some cases, membership software can even help you bring your club into the digital age. Clubs and organizations today have to meet the updated demands of members and other users, so keeping up with the pace of technology is key. It’s no longer an option to skip having a website – providing users with an online resource is a necessity. Membership-oriented website-building software gives clubs a simple solution that cuts out high-priced site development while providing the Web experience that is in demand. The advantages of keeping your club organized are almost innumerable, but foremost among them is the amount of time that can be freed up. When you no longer need to check with three different people to find a mailing address or a record from years ago, there’s more time that can be devoted to new projects and ideas that can build the strength – and perhaps the income – of your organization. Passion is at the heart of every small club and organization. People volunteer their time, effort – and in many cases, their money – to support something they believe in. Shifting the focus of your efforts away from administrative tasks and toward fully supporting your cause will make it easier to build enthusiasm and growth for the future.

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