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    From futbol to football: New show keeps bicultural fans game day ready

    Viewership for sports coverage is changing rapidly. In fact, the average viewership for regular season NFL games among Spanish-dominant viewers has increased 28 percent over the last half-decade alone. In terms of the big game, Nielsen reports that while an average of 11.2 million viewers for the last five Super Bowls are Hispanic (i.e. about 10 percent of the total average viewership), Spanish-dominant viewers represent about a third of that – a whopping 3.4 million viewers.

    As the football seasons ramps up, ESPN has doubled down on keeping its growing bicultural sports fan base up to date on the latest scores and game day predictions with the new Nación ESPN on ESPN2. Given the growing demand for multicultural content, it should come as no surprise that the media company has remained committed to offering inclusive Spanish-language programming for over a decade.

    In order to meet the demand, Nación ESPN offers comprehensive, bilingual sports programming, giving fans year-round insights into can’t-miss victories and loses alike. ESPN2’s new weekly show aims to offer the most relevant and authentic English-language programming, targeting the 79 percent of Latinos that speak English and Spanish regularly, including U.S.-born Latinos ages 18-35.

    Hosts Jorge Sedano, Bernardo Osuna and Marly Rivera will provide news and insights from the world of sports, conducting high-profile guest interviews in English, Spanish, and even Spanglish. “While the show was produced with Hispanic viewers in mind, our bilingual coverage will feature just about everything. All sports fans are invited to tune in,” Rivera says.

    Rivera kicked off their premiere show by forecasting highlights for this baseball season. “The Dodgers can’t pitch on the road. When you’re met with the way the Rangers and the Red Sox lead any offensive category, there’s nothing you can do,” she predicted for a contentious World Series.

    Check out other predictions from their latest “Hot Take” segment below:


    Osuna has your weekly dose of the Dallas Cowboys! For their third win of the season in a row, the Cowboys managed to beat out the Cincinnati Bengals 28-14. The rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott, a fourth round pick, already has more wins than Tony Romo’s three replacements last season. After breaking a bone in his back, Sedano expects Prescott to replace Romo as starting quarterback, the latter going the way of Drew Bledsoe.


    ESPN Deportes expert, Jorge Ramos, previews FIFA Match Day outcomes, and slates the U.S. to win against Mexico in Columbus, Ohio come game day. The two teams will face off at MAPFRE Stadium on Nov. 11.


    “I love C.B. dearly. It’s tough to watch C.B. and his families go through this the last few years. My heart just goes out to him,” says Pat Riley, commenting on Chris Bosh’s future with the Miami Heat. Sedano expects that, after continued blood clotting, Bosh has played his last game in the interest of his health.

    Stay on top of the latest scores and share your own game predictions by tuning in to Nación ESPN at 5 p.m. E.T. every Monday.

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