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    Gift ideas to warm people’s hearts and feed their passions

    When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, don’t be left out in the cold this holiday season. Ideas abound for warming the hearts and feeding the passions of anyone from friends and relatives to party hosts. Here are some ideas to make everyone think you’ve been reading their minds.  

    1. Tacklebox gear for the outdoor enthusiast

    Anyone who’s passionate about fishing will love to receive a stocking stuffed with Rapala Scatter Rap Series lures. Introduced in 2013, the one-of-a-kind Scatter Lip gives the baits their celebrated evasive, side-to-side, erratic swimming action. The lures reeled in an IGFA World Record fish right off the bat and, during the five-day Scatter Rap Challenge, caught more than 1,000 fish.

    Now, Rapala has expanded the Scatter Rap family with the Scatter Rap Jointed, the Scatter Rap Crank Deep and Crank Shallow and a new smaller-sized Scatter Rap Shad (No. 5), ideal for a finesse presentation. Cast or trolled, the series comes ready to fish right out of the box with an aggressive swimming action that perfectly mimics a spooked baitfish fleeing attack – a presentation trophy fish won’t ignore. Scatter Rap lures are available in five popular Rapala body profiles and 18 attractive colors.

    To ensure every advantage for your angler, add a pack of Sufix 832 Advanced Superline. It’s the strongest most durable small-diameter brand on the market, providing superior strength, roundness and line consistency.

    2. Food lover’s gift basket   

    During holiday party season, it’s a great personal touch to bring a thoughtful gift for the host. The perfect host gift doesn’t need to be expensive. Below are some tips to build a host gift that will appeal to a variety of tastes.

    “Skip the predictable bottle of wine and give a gift the host can enjoy later,” says Kelsey Banfield, The Naptime Chef. “My tip in building the perfect host gift is to start with an item you know your host will love and build the rest of the items around it.”

    “I like to center my gift baskets with a cheese assortment – my favorites to include are Havarti and Gouda. I then like to add mixed nuts, fruit or rich chocolate to pair with it. I love giving Arla Dofino cheeses because they’re naturally good, family-friendly cheeses that are free of added hormones, preservatives and additives.”

    Another host gift idea Kelsey has is to prepare a delicious home cooked meal that is ready to be frozen or reheated, such as a family-favorite like macaroni and cheese with Havarti and Gouda. Bring it in a new serving dish that the host can keep and use for future parties. For this recipe and more, visit

    3. Hot-beverage bottles for people on the go

    As temperatures drop, make sure your loved ones stay warm wherever they are. A Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler from Genuine Thermos Brand will keep their beverages hot for up to five hours. Whether they’re out and about running errands or taking the sledding hill by storm, the easy-to-use, one-handed DrinkLock sliding lid is ideal for use on the go. 

    Celebrate the season with the vintage style of Genuine Thermos Brand by gifting the Heritage Plaid Compact Bottle. Your fashion forward friends and family will be pleased with this nostalgic blast from the past. Plus, their beverages will be kept hot for up to 12 hours, making it easy and convenient to transport their favorite peppermint mocha everywhere they go. 

    4. Moisturizing gel to help anyone look their best  

    Cold, unforgiving winter weather, harsh winter sun, and the starchy, sugary food we enjoy during the holidays can leave you looking less than your best. Why? The reason is advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) that cause people to age both on the inside and out. Morinda, the leader in anti-aging beverages, supplements and skin care products, is addressing this issue with its latest innovation – TruAge Skin AGE Therapy Gel – a great gift option for friends and family that want to look their best year-round.

    The product creates a barrier to AGEs, which are caused by excess sugars combining with proteins in our body, making our skin age quicker than wanted. AGE Therapy Gel helps to reverse the external effects of damage caused by glycation and improves the skin’s appearance while boosting its protective layer. This light, moisturizing gel works by disrupting AGE formation, while soothing and repairing stressed or damaged skin.

    It can be used on the face, neck and hands to not only moisturize, but to help block out the aging consequences of dry weather and the holiday diet. 

    With these thoughtful gift ideas, your friends and family members are sure to get swept up in the holiday spirit this year.

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