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    Ginger’s Home . . .

    The Queen Bee has returned to her nest.

    I was instructed to pick up my beautiful wife on July 14, 2013 at 12:30 a. m. I thought I’d leave around 11:30 p.m. for the Dayton International Airport, grab a snack, and still be there in time to greet the Queen.

    Ring, ring, ring. My cell phone sounded, inside my pocket with a slight vibration.

    “This is Gary,” I answered.

    “My flight has been cancelled,” Ginger reported with a big sigh. “I have to stay in Chicago overnight, because the pilot didn’t show.”

    “What time will you get in tomorrow morning?” I questioned.

    “They said it would be around 9:30 a.m.,” she replied.

    “Ok, I’ll see you in the morning. Give me a wake-up call when you head for the airport,” I added.

    Ginger and I have traveled enough times that I didn’t worry about her, because I know she knows the ropes – and how to get meal vouchers for dinner and breakfast.

    Rosie (our cocker spaniel) and I went to bed around 10:00 p.m. Worked hard on my to-do-list, and I had to finish a few things in the morning. I’d just fallen asleep, when my cell phone went off again.

    “Hello?” I yawned.

    “It’s me again. Were you asleep?” Ginger asked.

    “Yes I was. What do you need?” I countered

    “My cell phone just went dead, and my charging cord is in my suitcase. I won’t be able to call you in the morning. Sleep tight. And don’t let the bugs bite,” she laughed.

    “Gooood night,” I sputtered.

    I was up and running by 6:30 a.m. on this sunny Monday morning. Fed Rosie, finished my to-do-list, and decided to get breakfast on my way to pick up the Queen.

    I decided to eat at Friendly’s in Vandalia. As I walked in, the waitress greeted me with a warm smile, and instructed me to sit anywhere I wanted.

    “Looks like I beat the crowd,” I taunted. Because I was the only person in the restaurant.

    After breakfast, I headed to airport, still having more than an hour before the Queen arrives. I parked the car, found me a nice cushy chair and waited. People were coming and going in all directions. Flight after flight came through. Then I finally spotted her blond hair. When are eyes met, she smiled, I smiled and we greeted each other with a kiss.

    “You finally made it,” I affirmed.

    “Yes! I’m really glad to be home,” she admitted.

    “Can I get you a coffee?” I asked.

    “No, let’s just get home.”

    This week’s bottom line: the worker bees always surround The Queen Bee.

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