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    Ginger’s Philanthropist Side Continuing The Florida Diaries

    I play golf twice a week in Florida, and usually fish every evening. So, when Ginger asked me what I thought about her idea of raising funds for the local Art League, I said: “Go For It!”

    The next day she had an appointment with the director.

    “I’d like to have a local painting class, and give the entire proceeds to the Frost Proof art league,” she suggested.

    “What do you have in mind?” The director remarked.

    “Canvass and Wine” is a very popular event in Ohio, so I thought this would be a good fundraiser, she answered.

    “Oh no, we couldn’t do that here in the Art League building,” she admitted. “That would be against our rules and regulations”.

    Ginger came home a little rejected, but the director didn’t know whom she was dealing with. They don’t call her the white tornado for nothing. When she’s determined, she can and will get the job done.

    A few days later Ginger went back the art director and changed he plan to Coffee, Cookies and Canvas.

    “Why yes, we can do that,” the director smiled.

    “I thought so,” Ginger asserted.

    When Ginger returned, I asked her how the meeting had gone?

    “Very well”, she explained. “We can use the building. They will supply the paints and advertising. And I’ve asked a Florida friend to help me decorate.”

    The painting was a picture of a Whale’s tail coming out of the ocean with a big splash. Thirteen ladies enjoyed coffee, cookies, and painting their canvasses. $390 was raised for the Art League. And everyone went home happy.

    This week’s bottom line: I told you. Ginger is the “White Tornado”.

    It always seems impossible, until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela

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