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    Groundbreaking new technology helps those with hearing loss who aren’t satisfied with hearing aids

    If you’ve been living with hearing loss for a long time, it can be hard to believe there is anything new out there that can help – even if you’ve tried the most advanced hearing aids. You may have found that hearing aids can only help make some sounds louder but you can’t hear other sounds at all, especially in noisy situations. In the past, you may have been told that there is no other technology that can help. Well, now there is. 

    Cochlear(TM) Hybrid(TM) Hearing is the first and only hearing solution that uses the hearing you have and gives you back access to the hearing you don’t have – all in one convenient device. It combines acoustic amplification, like in hearing aids, to enhance the low-pitched sounds you do hear so well, with cochlear implant technology for the high-pitched sounds you are completely missing out on. 

    If you’re missing sounds like children’s voices and birds chirping and are straining to hear friends and family speak, these may be signs that you are experiencing high-frequency hearing loss. High-pitched sounds are critical in order to understand speech and to hear the sounds of nature and alarm noises such as sirens. You typically cannot get the complete spectrum of sound from hearing aids alone if you suffer from high-frequency hearing loss. 

    “Although I can hear many low-pitched sounds, my hearing loss is in the high frequencies, which makes hearing my children and grandchildren extremely difficult,” says Ellen DeVoss, Cochlear Hybrid Hearing recipient. “After years of wasting thousands of dollars on hearing aids and accessories, and progressively retreating into a world of isolation due to my hearing loss, my audiologist told me I was a candidate for the Cochlear Hybrid Hearing solution. I was skeptical at first, but now if I had to choose two words to describe the outcome of this experience they would be ‘miraculous’ and ‘life changing.’”

    Hybrid hearing can do so much more than hearing aids. In fact, when compared to hearing aids alone, Cochlear Hybrid Hearing recipients reported an average of a 10 times increase in their overall hearing satisfaction and two times better hearing in both quiet and noise.

    “Cochlear Hybrid Hearing is a technological breakthrough when it comes to treating patients with hearing loss,” says Bruce J. Gantz, M.D., head of the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. “This device will open the doors to a whole new way of hearing both acoustically and electrically for those patients who cannot be treated effectively today with hearing aids.”

    “Since receiving my Cochlear Hybrid Hearing solution, I was promoted to Office Manager at a very busy dental practice, I’m on and off the phone all day long and am in every hearing environment possible,” DeVoss concluded. “I can’t say enough about how it has not only replaced a sense but given me my life back.”

    Don’t struggle to hear with hearing aids any longer. It’s time to hear the songs of birds, sounds of rustling leaves and enjoy conversations with loved ones once again. To learn more and to find a hearing specialist near you, visit

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