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    History Lesson of the Hood

    Ginger and I attended grand child number two, Ty Sargent, the oldest son of daughter number two, Jennifer (Godfrey) Sargent on Friday, August 16, 2013 at Wright State University.

    Ty is the first grand son to further his education to the status a Master Degree. The Hooding Ceremony and the presentation of the 2012-2013 Fall Cohorts were informative and interesting.

    The program had this to say about the history of the Hood. Universities recognize students who have obtained and advance degree by presenting them with a hood, which is unique for each degree and school. Historically, scholars in high education wore robes as a daily uniform and the hoods were worn for warmth. Over time the size, shape and color of the hood came to signify a scholar’s academic rank. The velvet or black stripes on the sleeve represent a doctoral degree. No stripe represents a master degree.

    Today, the hood’s colors represent a graduate’s University and major. Our graduates will be awarded a hood with colors recognizing Wright State University, green and gold, and the business degree, also called “drab”. By placing the hood over the students’ heads, professors symbolically welcome them as fellow scholars.

    Another interesting fact is the tail on each hood. In ancient times university faculty was paid by donations. The tail was there for students and their family members to place monetary donations to the faculty and as graduation gift to a student. Please feel free to continue this tradition today, not to the faculty but to the students as a reward for their hard work.

    After Ginger read this history of the hood, she nudged me, and pointed out the monetary gesture placed into the hood. “I put our check into the card, do you want me to put that in Ty’s tail?” I questioned.

    “No silly, I just wanted to show you the part about monetary gifts,” she smiled.

    We all gathered at Ty and Briana’s home for the big celebration. There was an enough food to feed an army. We toasted, laughed, talked about family happenings, and once again added memories to our passing lives.

    Ty is now the Master of Information Systems.

    I really don’t know what that actually means, but I know that Lock Heed wants their employees to become the best that they can be. Not only do they help their employees financially to obtain their Masters, they also give them a raise for achieving their goals.

    This week’s bottom line: Congratulations Ty and Briana for a job well done. And don’t forget to check that tail on your hood, there could be more cash stashed in there some place? Never hurts to look.

    Commencement speeches were invented largely in the belief that outgoing college students should never be released into the world until they have been properly sedated.
    Garry Trudeau

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