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    How everyday consumers can bring clear vision to those in need

    Many people who wear glasses share a similar experience. They told their parents the chalkboard at school looked blurry, their parents took them to see an eye doctor and in less than a week, they were wearing glasses.

    It’s easy to take for granted how simple it is to correct blurred vision. It’s hard to imagine anyone going through life with poor vision. 

    But the reality is 35 percent of children have never seen a vision care professional, and 1.1 billion people lack access to an eye exam and corrective lenses. Even in the U.S., one in four children who fail a vision screening do not receive follow up care from an eye-care professional. For them, blurred vision is more than just an inconvenience. Eyeglasses can determine whether a child learns to read or not, how well a mother is able to take care of her children or what jobs they can work. Simply put, eyeglasses are not a luxury item. Without them, their vision, as well as their future and livelihood, is unclear.

    Finding a solution

    A number of government agencies and nonprofits have worked to solve this global vision crisis. One of the most successful groups in this endeavor is OneSight, a global nonprofit organization of optometrists, clinicians, industry experts and volunteers who have provided clear vision to over 9 million people across 41 countries.

    OneSight works with thousands of trained volunteers and doctors who travel the globe to establish permanent clinics in underserved regions. These people staff clinics and train local technicians to ensure the vision needs of the community are continually met.

    Fueled by many passionate individuals, OneSight’s success in combatting the vision crisis has been supported through outreach efforts in which they have built an impressive network of philanthropic-minded individuals to participate and bring clear sight to millions.

    How you can help

    Eager to share its passion for good vision with people who can’t afford to buy their own eyewear, is partnering with OneSight to launch the “Share Your Sight” program. For every pair of eyeglasses purchased on, one pair will be provided to a person in need. After completing a purchase of prescription eyewear, customers receive an email acknowledging their participation in the “Share Your Sight” campaign which encourages them to share the provided “double donation” link. donates two pairs of eyeglasses for every pair purchased through a “double donation” link, amplifying the impact in underserved communities.

    How it works is simple. When you purchase a pair of glasses from, another pair is automatically shipped to one of OneSight’s global eye clinics.

    As part of the “Share Your Sight” program, is working to staff these charitable clinics. This is to ensure that people who receive glasses through a purchase will have continual access to proper eye care.

    “Watching a person’s face light up the first time they see the world clearly through a new pair of glasses is magical. And it’s nothing short of miraculous to watch those glasses unlock a person’s potential to learn, earn and build up the communities where they live,” says OneSight President, Lukas Ruecker. “’s Share Your Sight program is an upgrade to the familiar “Buy One, Give One” program: provides a pair of new, top quality eyewear and has employees on the ground helping the OneSight team deliver these glasses to those in need.  When people can see clearly they are empowered to give their best to their families, employers and communities.  This partnership between and OneSight not only helps, but actually delivers the positive potential clear vision makes in underserved communities around the world. Real impact, not just feel good impact. It’s a perfect fit with OneSight’s commitment to delivering better vision care to more people, more efficiently.”

    Shopping for eyeglasses on is simple. Now it’s never been easier to make an impact on another person’s life by sharing the gift of clear vision.

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