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    How to Really Succeed in Life

    A friend sent me an article years ago entitled: How to really succeed in business. I’ve revamped some of them to use in your everyday life.

    1. In all endeavors, guide your life by the principle of JMM: Judgment, Moderation and Maturity.

    2. Never through either word or action, speak hostile of anyone.

    3. Always arrive to any engagement at least five minutes early, and try not to be the last one to leave.

    4. Never hold grudges because today’s opponent is tomorrow’s ally.

    5. You owe your complete loyalty (in all things legal) to your closest friends.

    6. Your social life should never be a billboard. If you want people to really notice you, then volunteer.

    7. Do not make excuses for failure. Exception: Do not be noble and take the blame for someone else.

    8. Always listen more than you speak. (Corollary: When in doubt, don’t say it.)

    9. Be willing to take risk. Just make sure you’ve calculated every thing before hand. Never just roll the dice.

    10. You have to be a friend, to get a friend.

    This week’s bottom line: “What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life?”
    ― Lynette Mather

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