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    Just Five More Days To Go

    As of today (Wednesday 7-10-13) Ginger’s been gone 10 days.

    I’ve had a bout with a Hunter ceiling fan, dead heading the geraniums, and trying to find some remedy for Rosie’s constant itching? If anyone has a formula for a dogs skin allergies – please give me a call.

    Besides the usual to-do-list, I thought I would make up my own list of things that I’ve promised Ginger I would do, but haven’t for several years. For example: we had a Hunter ceiling fan sitting in our bedroom closet, for at least two years. I really don’t see the need, because we have air conditioning now. I purchased Ginger a flag pole a few years back, but never got around to placing it into the ground.

    The guys know this drill, because I know there is husbands out there just like me. Big procrastinators! I bet there’s a room somewhere in your house that still doesn’t have the molding put up after that big remodeling job hubby tackled many moons ago.

    I think you all get the picture.

    Back to my ceiling fan project I promised myself I would finish before
    Ginger returns. It took me most of a day, to install a brace in our top attic, to hold this gigantic fan. Then I had to run new electric to the new box. Seriously, I bet I made 50 trips from my top attic to the fuse box in our basement. Usually, I just yell to Ginger, and she will signal me if the electric goes out in a certain room. I tried to get Rosie to bark, but that didn’t work either. After going through every switch in the box, I realized that the upper bedroom must be on another switch with something else marked on it? I started over, and finally figured out that the room was marked Washer. Right then and there, I decided to keep going and mark each switch correctly, so I didn’t have to go through this misery again.

    When I finally finished the ceiling fan, it was time to see if the baby was connected properly? So back to the basement to turn on the power to see if the fan actually worked? When I returned, I could see that the light wasn’t on, or the blades weren’t moving. There was only one thing left to do, and that was to try and find the problem while the electric was still turned on.

    Please ladies and gentlemen, don’t try this at your home. My father-in-law, the late Jim Ferree, always told me that you shouldn’t be afraid of electricity, because it couldn’t hurt you, unless you touched the positive and negative at the same time.

    “That’s great if you’re a electrician. Jim learned from wiring electric ranges while working for Frigidaire most of his life.

    I was very cautious and made sure that I didn’t touch two wires at the same time, I either put electrical tape around them, or made sure the wire nut was securely in place. After a very long time, I got the lights and the fan to operate. That is until I realized that the fan was turning air towards ceiling. After clicking the directional button on the fan, I immediately found that my wiring needed some tender loving care.

    “I’ll do this tomorrow,” I said to myself. And finished the day, watching golf and tennis matches.

    My list is far from finished, and the fan looks great, as long as you don’t turn it on.

    I can’t wait to start the digging and setting the flagpole, and trying my luck with the electric lights for night display. Maybe I can convince Ginger to just fly the flag during the day light hours?

    This week’s bottom line: The queen is coming home July 14th. I’m running out of socks and underwear, I guess I’m going to have to learn the art of washing and drying clothes?

    If it’s anything like the dishwasher, I might have to resort to dry cleaning? I already have chapped hands.

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