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    Let Me Give You A Tip This Week

    Ginger and I, along with Janice and Larry Sarver took a road trip this past weekend to see Ginger’s sister, Sandy and Rich Behnke in Rockford, IL.

    It’s hard to believe that six people could eat as much food as we did. Everything from shish kabobs to homemade ice cream were considered fair game. This doesn’t include all snacks, beverages, and lunches we enjoyed while playing golf, going to Garage Sales, and car museums. Shopping was a high priority on the women’s list. While golf balls and cars were scratched off the men’s list.

    It was a very relaxing weekend for the guest. I hope we didn’t wear out our host and hostess. Janice’s birthday was July 24th, so we celebrated it each day with song and dance, and more food. Janice is watching her weight, but the meals made her cheat more than once.

    I have to tell you about our return trip back to Ohio. Besides stopping for potty breaks, we stopped for dinner on Sunday at a Cracker Barrel in Indiana. We all ordered, and had a wonderful meal. Our waitress, Kayla did an excellent job with refills and special request. We also learned that Kayla would be starting college at Purdue University in August.

    The ladies finished first and excused themselves, to look around the gift shop. I waited for Larry. Kayla had already given our bills to us, and Janice picked up their bill while dashing to the gift shop. I led the charge to the cash registers and Larry fumbled for his wallet and the table.

    I forgot to leave a tip, so I went back to the table and decided to leave extra for Kayla. I gave her $10 and told her to have a good time at Purdue this fall. Larry was still fumbling around. “I can’t find the bill,” he explained. I told him that Janice had their bill. He then gave Kayla a $10 more dollars.

    We proceeded to find the wives, and told them what we had done for Kayla.

    Janice then reported, “I gave her $5 on our credit card.”

    We all had a good laugh.

    Kayla waved goodbye with a big, big smile on her face.

    Go Boilermakers!

    This week’s bottom line: It’s better to give than to receive. Even if the tip was a mistake.

    Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.
    H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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