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    Let’s Vote Them All Out . . . NOW!

    The date was March 4, 1789

    The first Congressional Congress was busy passing all the legislation needed to implement the new system of government.

    The first law passed set the oath of office not only for Congress but also for State legislators, Federal executive officers, and State and Federal Judges.

    Other early legislation raised revenue by setting duties on imported goods and established the Department of State, War and Treasury, and a temporary Post Office. They also created a Federal judiciary; set compensation for government officials; provided for lighthouses; authorized expenses for negotiating with Indian tribes; and reenacted the NW Ordinance of 1787.

    As you can see, serving in Congress in the 18th century was a distinct honor, but also a hardship. Traveling between home states and New York or Philadelphia, where Congress met between 1785-1800, could be arduous. Living in these cities, while stimulating, was expensive, and Congressmen received pay of only $6 per day. It also meant several months of each year living away from their livelihood and usually from their family. During the 1790’s one third of the members of the Senate resigned while in office.

    What has happened to our Legislative branch? Our country? Our morals? Our freedoms?

    I say it’s time to vote them all out of office!

    How? Voting one legislator out of office at a time. If they’ve been in office more than six years, it’s time for them to step aside. We don’t need lifetime legislators, especially the kinds that have never had a real job like you and me. We can’t pass term limits, so let’s exercise our voting power. They don’t have to be Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, or any other party. Let’s just clean out the waste, power grabbers, and the Washington insiders who use their wealth to get elected and to get richer with each elected term.

    The country is 16.5 trillion dollars in debt. Do you realize how much money that is to pay back?

    Try this on for size: If you spent one million dollars a day, how long would it take to spend one trillion dollars?

    Divide one trillion by one million to see how many days it would take. The answer is one million days.

    Now divide one million days by 365 to see how many years. The answer is 2,739 years.

    We now owe 16.5 trillion dollars.

    There’s no way to pay this debt back. The power mongrels are simply trying to bankrupt America.

    This week’s bottom line: It’s time to exercise our voting power and kick the entire federal government out of office before it’s too late. I worry about my grandkids and great-grandkids. What on earth will they have to face?

    Ginger asked me several days ago, “What can we do?”

    “Get rid of the entire congress,”

    She replied, “No, I mean what can we do now?”

    “I really don’t know, Babe, but I know what I can do this week in the paper.”

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