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    Must-have supplies for a successful year at college

    Packing up the bedroom and leaving for college comes with the promise of a semester of learning, meeting new friends and future peers, and good college fun.

    In addition to the clothes and household goods that will be packed into the car, there are some other items every college-bound student will want. These include the technology gadgets that help students process all of their homework and class projects, as well as the snack foods and cleaning equipment they’ll need to survive the semester. Staples recommends every college student has the following must-have supplies in order to succeed this school year.

    * Laptops – From taking class notes and writing term papers, to checking emails from friends and family back home, a laptop is essential for college survival. Staples offers a wide selection of laptops from Toshiba, HP and more to ensure every college student has the technology that is right for them.

    * Textbooks – Start the semester right with all the textbooks you need before you even arrive on campus. Save up to 90 percent and rent your textbooks from, and then have them shipped to your dorm or apartment address so they’re waiting for you when you arrive. Plus, it makes the end of the school year much easier to close down – just ship the rented books back to Staples, pack up your belongings and depart for your next adventure.

    * Extra charging stations – College dorms and apartments are plugged in. Students have smartphones, laptops, tablets and plenty of other electrical devices that need charging. Stock up on charging stations and portable chargers so you can have them in the dorm room or in a laptop bag or backpack if you need extra power during class.

    * Data storage – With so much of college learning occurring online now, backing up your computer data is essential. Extra storage like flash drives, external drives or cloud storage will help all students feel confident that the hard work they put into taking notes, writing papers and completing projects will never be lost. Extra storage also makes the work mobile, so classmates working on a group project can share the work between members of the group.

    * Bluetooth speakers – Music, videos and online video chatting are all ways college students like to kick back and relax in between classes and homework studying sessions. Having a set of Bluetooth-enabled speakers in the dorm room or apartment gives students the quality of audio they want and need for listening to recorded lectures or checking out the latest music videos.

    Visit a Staples store or go online to find these must-haves and more so you can have a successful year at college.

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