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    New offerings in home and on-the-go entertainment: how to ‘decode’ the many options

    With all of the advancements in home entertainment technology, there are now more options than ever to watch movies at home or on the go that fit your budget and lifestyle.

    When planning a family movie night, road trip or just a cozy night in, here are terms that will help explain some of today’s most popular movie-watching options:

    Blu-ray or DVD: Blu-ray discs offer advanced picture and sound quality as compared to the classic standard DVD, but both are simple, affordable options for those who prefer physical discs.

    Streaming or (SVOD): Nowadays, movies can be streamed via the Internet to televisions, mobile phones and most devices that have Internet capability. Streaming services typically come with a monthly fee and allow you to instantaneously watch a movie without having to leave your home.

    Video On Demand (VOD): Most cable providers and Internet movie services offer “on-demand” type capabilities, allowing customers to rent a movie directly from their television or Internet-connected devices like a gaming console or streaming device. Costs for on-demand rentals average around $ 5 per movie.

    Apps: No they’re not appetizers, though those work well with movies too. Mobile and Smart TV applications offered by many entertainment services allow you to download and stream movies, TV shows and games directly to your mobile or other Internet-enabled Smart TVs or Blu-ray players.

    Tablets: If you’re planning a long road trip and are looking for some entertainment in the car, on the plane or train, or in your hotel, most tablets offer applications that allow the purchase, rental or streaming of movies. This way, you can have your chosen entertainment whenever and wherever you choose.

    Today’s home entertainment landscape is no longer confined to just the family room. Companies like Redbox Instant by Verizon carry a wide range of streaming movie titles with options to watch on a variety of at-home and portable devices, starting at around $ 8/month plus taxes and the first month free for new subscribers. They also offer DVD and Blu-ray disc rental credits, to rent the newest movies, at more than 35,000 Redbox kiosk locations around the country.

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