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    Serve your country and explore the world simultaneously

    It’s no secret that world travel is one of the most exciting perks enjoyed by men and women in America’s Navy. With more than 100 ports of call around the globe and bases in multiple time zones, there’s a great chance you’ll see the world over the course of your Navy career.

    On any given day, 600,000 Sailors and Navy civilians are working together around the globe to perform their mission of deterring aggression and, if deterrence fails, winning our Nation’s wars. Even if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite for adventure, during your ample vacation time, you’ll be able to fly standby on military flights around the world for a small fee. You can cross many international and domestic destinations off your travel bucket list during your time of service.

    What’s more, you will often be eligible to stay in base lodging around the world. This includes lodging at any military facility that has rooms available for military personnel and their families, and lodging is usually provided at a cost much lower than you would find at an off-base hotel.

    These cost savings on travel are a great benefit that isn’t often found in post high-school or college careers. It all amounts to a lifetime of adventure, culture and memories that you and your family can enjoy throughout your time in the Navy and beyond.

    Sailors serve around the world on a variety of missions and at many ports. One of the top port destinations is Sydney, Australia, which has an electric nightlife, plenty of beaches and great recreational activities. When on vacation, it’s just a short flight or bus trip to Brisbane or Cairns to explore the Great Barrier Reef, or take a trip along the Great Ocean Road between Melbourne and Adelaide.

    Those who prefer a more European experience will love Rota, Spain, which is the gateway to the Mediterranean. This port is connected to the rest of Europe, thanks to an extensive transportation system that gives Sailors plenty of options for their vacations. Another great European port is Naples, Italy, which is just a short train ride from the beautiful and historic city of Pompeii. The city has been rebuilt, but exploring the unearthed ruins is a very educational experience. Sailors can also take the train up to Rome for a one-day visit or even for a long holiday.

    While it’s not an international destination, another top port Sailors love to visit is Hawaii, with its rich history and tropical setting. Sailors don’t need to go far to find beautiful beaches and recreational activities in the water, and relaxing on shore is a perfect way to spend some holiday vacation time.

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