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    Seventies style is stayin’ alive: tips to keep up with the trend

    From home decor to fashion and food, the styles and trends of the 1970s have slowly been creeping back into the mainstream, and this year they’re out in full force. Don’t be alarmed when you see the vibrant colors, bold patterns and relaxed entertaining of the decade taking over in today’s world. There are many ways to embrace the retro style while staying thoroughly modern with some simple expert tips.  

    Beauty and lifestyle expert Alexis Wolfer of has some simple suggestions for bringing the best of the ‘70s to the current day.

    “Fashion is always one of the earliest indicators of style re-emergence,” says Wolfer.

    The popularity of mixed prints and varying textures is straight ’70s, and aspiring fashionistas shouldn’t be afraid to take risks.

    “Keep all prints in the same color family and you can wear those striped pants with a polka dotted top,” Wolfer recommends. “Tweed, velvet and suede take boring basics to trendy new heights. Swap out your go-to little black dress for a velvet one to entertain in ’70s -inspired style.”

    It’s not just personal fashion that is getting the ’70s treatment – this trend is popping up in home decor as well. Forty years ago, colorful appliances were must-haves to match shag carpets and paneled walls. Today the color is back, but dull green refrigerators are being replaced by brighter, more playful colors, like a tangerine orange KitchenAid stand mixer, a purple Keurig coffee machine or a bright red washer/dryer.  

    Appliances aren’t the only place in the kitchen where trends are re-emerging. Back in the ’70s, the Swiss tradition of fondue, shared around a table, was all the rage at dinner parties and social gatherings throughout the decade. Today, inspired by fondue restaurants, like The Melting Pot, and easy-to-prepare at-home options, people are breaking out their fondue pots more than ever for easy entertaining and a fun, social meal to enjoy.

    “Fondue pots, either electric or candlelight-powered, are inexpensive and easy to find at retail chains or online,” says Wolfer. “Emmi Roth USA has a fantastic line of ready-made fondues that are simple and really delicious. Just open the package, pour into the pot and stir!”

    Entertaining in the ’70s also meant playing games. “The ’70s brought game night into the spotlight and it’s making a comeback,” says Wolfer. “With family or friends, plan your own game night with classics like Twister or modern ones like Cranium. It’s inexpensive and fun for all ages.” Bring out games that can work with teams or individual players so that everyone is included, no matter how many or how few guests there are. Having small prizes for the winners will increase the excitement and make the party more memorable, so pick up some small items like scented candles, decks of cards or gift cards to local shops or cafes for the game night victors to take home. 

    The ‘70s was a complex decade but there was no shortage of fun, and embracing the tastes and trends of those days gone by can bring newfound vibrancy and enjoyment into the present.

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