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    Shake up snack time with a pop of flavor inspiration

    Popcorn is one of the oldest snacks known to mankind. The fluffy kernels were a favorite pastime long before the first motion picture. In fact, it is believed the oldest ear of popping corn was over 5,000 years old. Now that’s staying power.

    Today, Americans eat around 16 billion quarts of popcorn every year making it the nation’s favorite snack food by volume. Naturally rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, low calorie air-popped popcorn has more iron than eggs and more fiber than traditional salty snacks. In addition to being healthy, it’s wallet-friendly. For about 25 cents, you can pop enough kernels to satisfy a family of four. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, what makes popcorn the greatest snack is its ability to adapt to consumers’ ever-changing palates.

    While kernel purists may stick to the simple pleasures of natural popcorn, many opt for the quintessential comfort of butter and salt. However, the more adventurous taste buds seek a bit more excitement and flavor from their popcorn. Popping outside the box, fans across the country are shaking up their popcorn with the sweet, spicy and bold flavors of all natural seasoning blends and alternative ingredients. Often available at movie theaters, popcorn seasonings such as Kernel Season’s are becoming more and more popular and have made their way to household pantries. Makes sense, considering 70 percent of popcorn consumption takes place at home. Now, the entire family can customize their popcorn at home long before the trailers end with just a few simple shakes of seasoning.

    Jasmin Fine, food and lifestyle blogger at 1 Fine Cookie, knows there is more than one way to eat popcorn. A long-time pop-aholic, she has been reinventing traditional popcorn and sharing her unique recipes with others. Her secret, Fine always starts off with freshly air-popped popcorn and keeps plenty of Kernel Season’s jars on hand for that extra kick of guilt-free flavor. A recipe for every season, Fine’s popcorn creations are sure to convert even the most traditionalists of popcorn eaters.

    Ring in the new year with Fine’s silver and gold glitter popcorn. The perfect touch of sparkle and shine for your party.

    Glamour Popcorn


    Freshly popped popcorn

    Popcorn seasoning

    Edible glitter for baking

    Popcorn butter spritzer

    Festive candy, dried fruit, nuts

    After popping the popcorn and adding your favorite seasoning, lay popcorn out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Spray with butter spritzer and carefully sprinkle with edible glitter. Shake baking sheet side to side to coat all sides of popcorn. Spray again and sprinkle with more edible glitter if needed. Mix popcorn with festive candy or any delicious add-in of your choice and package in a gift box.

    This zesty blend of fresh ingredients and spicy jalapeno will keep your taste buds warm throughout the winter months.

    Jalapeno Popped Corn


    Freshly popped popcorn

    Cheesy Jalapeno popcorn seasoning (a little goes a long way)

    Dried chipotle

    Fresh cilantro 

    Fresh lime zest

    Place freshly popped popcorn in a bowl and add a few shakes of Cheesy Jalapeno popcorn seasoning. Remember, when using all natural blends, a little seasoning can go a long way so start small and add slowly to increase the spice level. After seasoning the popcorn, toss in chopped dried chipotles, fresh cilantro and fresh lime zest. Mix together and enjoy.

    What could be better than popcorn? Popcorn and cookies. Get the best of both worlds and mix all your favorite desserts into this one decadent snack.

    Black and White Cookie Popcorn


    Freshly popped popcorn

    Caramel or Milk Chocolate Caramel popcorn seasoning

    Chocolate brownie pieces

    White chocolate for melting

    Flavor fresh popcorn with caramel or milk chocolate caramel popcorn seasoning. Using left over brownies (either homemade or store bought), break the brownie into small pieces and add to the popcorn. Top it off with drizzled white chocolate melted in the microwave or a double boiler. Enjoy with friends and family or store in an air tight container and hide for late night snacking.

    For more popcorn fun, additional recipes and flavor inspiration, visit or stop by the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages to share photos of your favorite popcorn creations.

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