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    Simple luxuries made better when enjoyed at home

    – A spa appointment, a personal training session, your favorite drink from the coffeehouse and a movie night – most of us only dream of filling our days with these activities. But the reality of hectic schedules and budget restrictions often leaves little time for personal luxuries. The good news is that even the busiest of us can enjoy a taste of the good life every day with easy indulgences that are made better when enjoyed at home.

    Soak your woes away

    After a busy day it can be difficult to unwind – drawing yourself a hot bath is like hitting the pause button on life because you can soak your achy muscles and ease your tired mind for a few moments. Create a spa-like environment by placing a few drops of essential oil in the water for a steamy aromatherapy experience. Pamper and revitalize tired skin by applying your favorite mask while you soak. After your bath is done, treat yourself to an at-home manicure and pedicure using the season’s hottest nail colors.  You’ll be relaxed and renewed, ready for life’s next adventure.

    Workout like a star from at home

    Most of us don’t have the time or money to always work out with a personal trainer, but you can feel fabulous from the comfort of your own home and get fit at the same time by exercising with a fun workout DVD. Want to feel like a star? Most celebrity trainers offer workouts on video. Choose one and you’ll get a similar workout to what your favorite celebs enjoy, but you can exercise at home on your own schedule.

    Get coffeehouse quality from your fridge every morning

    For many people, enjoying a delicious iced coffee from the coffeehouse is a daily ritual which can be expensive and time consuming. Now you can save time and money while enjoying the flavors of your favorite iced coffee drink in the comfort of your home, without the hassle of brewing it yourself. Stock your fridge with a half gallon of International Delight Iced Coffee and just pour over ice and enjoy whenever you like. Made with 100 percent premium Arabica coffee and available in a variety of authentic coffeehouse flavors, it’s an easy way to give yourself a “me moment” every day without having to take off your slippers.

    Kick up your feet and delight in a movie

    Going to the movies can be a timely and expensive ordeal. After you buy a ticket and refreshments, it can easily cost $ 20 for each person. Instead of dealing with the expense and all those long previews, kick off your shoes and snuggle at home while watching a new flick. With affordable options like streaming or renting, seeing a new movie is easier and cheaper than ever. Then pop yourself some corn and add a little zest by sprinkling it with ranch or Cajun seasoning. So tonight, why not enjoy a movie and a treat for only a couple bucks – all from the comfort of your couch?

    No matter what your day entails, make a few moments for yourself by indulging in some luxuries in the comfort of your own home. Start with the tasty coffee recipe below for a cool drink reminiscent of the coffeehouse, yet so easy to make at home.

    Iced Coffee Frappe

    1 cup International Delight Iced Coffee, any flavor

    1/2 cup ice

    1/2 cup vanilla, coffee or chocolate ice cream

    1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

    Directions: Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until thick and smooth. Poor in a glass and enjoy. Makes one serving.

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