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    Simplify your fall beauty routine with 5 minute hair and makeup styles

    Fall is all about turning over a new leaf. As the seasons turn, it’s the perfect time for you to update your beauty routine. Feeling time crunched? Don’t worry. Even though days are short and schedules are long, you can still create head-turning style with a few tips and tricks from the experts.

    EcoTools Beauty Team members Teni Panosian, beauty blogger, and Christine Symonds, celebrity hairstylist, have created a complete fall hair and makeup look that takes just minutes to complete.

    The 5-Minute Glow

    “A fresh, lovely look can be achieved in no time, especially with the Six-Piece Starter Set,” says Panosian. “It comes with the brush essentials for each area of your face, packaged in a convenient carrying case, so you can create a fresh look that is beautifully you in just five minutes.”

    Step 1. Apply your favorite foundation.

    Step 2. Grab the concealer brush and apply concealer under your eyes and into the inner corners, eliminating any traces of darkness.

    Step 3. Taking the blush brush from the set, generously apply a neutral blush color to your cheeks.

    Step 4. Take your favorite mascara and apply two coats to your top and bottom lashes. If desired, you can also sweep a neutral shade onto lids with the eye shading brush to even out coloring.

    Step 5. Using the brow groomer, brush through your brows, preparing to fill them in.

    Step 6. Using the angled eyeliner brush from the set, dip into a brow powder and fill in your brows, following their natural shape but making them slightly fuller.

    Step 7. Finally, apply a sheer berry lipstick to complement this fresh back-to-routine look.

    The Messy Twisted Ponytail

    “Getting back to routine doesn’t have to mean boring hair,” says Symonds. “A polished hairstyle can be achieved on the busiest of mornings with this messy twisted ponytail. It’s a pretty, put-together style that looks amazing and shows off your features by staying out of your face.”

    Step 1. Blow dry hair using the EcoTools Ultimate Air Dryer hair brush. The unique design dries hair 40 percent faster for a quicker prep time and less overall heat damage.

    Step 2. Using the Ultimate Air Dryer, lightly back-comb a 3 to 4-inch section of hair at the crown (top) of the head.

    Step 3. Create a part down the side of your head in front of your ear. Choose the side that has more hair, depending on where your natural top part lies.

    Step 4. Leaving that newly created section out and forward, gather the rest of your hair at the back of the head into a ponytail. When you’ve achieved the desired height, secure it with a hair tie.

    Step 5. Spray the front section with your favorite texture spray. This will give it grip and hold for when you twist it back later. For some extra volume, spray the same texture spray at the root of the ponytail.

    Step 6. Grab the front side section and twist it back, then wrap that section around the hair tie. Secure the ends with a few bobby pins and loosen the twist for a messier, playful look.

    Step 7. Spray all over with a light-hold hairspray.

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