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    Skip the stress with smart steps for back-to-school success

    Just as you’re settling into summer with your family, you get the welcome letter and supply list from your children’s teachers for next year. You’re quickly reminded that in mere weeks, they’ll be headed back to the classroom. There’s so much to do, you start to panic.

    Stress sets in as you make a long to-do list. It might seem like you have to climb a mountain, but with some smart tips, you don’t have to worry. Follow these steps and you’ll navigate the back-to-school transition like a seasoned pro.

    Visit the one-stop shop for school supplies

    Running around town seeking out the supplies your child needs is a nightmare. Take a deep breath and head to Staples (either in-store or online) instead. You can get everything on your list at affordable prices. In fact, Staples guarantees everyday low prices on the best assortment of products, which are in stock all season long and reflect the hottest back-to-school trends. You’ll find nationally-recognized and innovative brands such as DwellStudio, Denik, and Office by Martha Stewart(TM) along with those hard-to-find items on every teacher’s list.

    Get a safe backpack your child loves

    Having a cool backpack gives kids confidence and helps build excitement for heading back into the classroom. Take your child with you to Staples to pick one out, whether they’re looking for animal patterns, vibrant colors or emoji themes. Keep in mind safety when selecting the right one. You want your kid to like it, but you don’t want it to hurt their back. Look for wide, padded shoulder straps and a padded back. Adjust the pack so that the bottom sits at their waist and use all compartments when packing. Grab a matching lunch tote to make it even more fun.

    Start schedule transitions early

    Changing routines can be difficult for kids of all ages. Whether your kids are 6 or 16, it’s never fun nagging them out of bed before school. To help ease the transition, implement schedule changes a few weeks prior to the first day of school. That means adopting different wake-up, sleep, bathing and meal times. You should also talk to kids about what is expected when school starts. For example, if you allow them to relax for an hour after school, but then want them to do homework prior to dinner, make this clear. That way, it’s not a surprise when school starts.

    Get organized and set up study spaces

    A little organization goes a long way in reducing stress and boosting success. It’s time to recycle all of last year’s paperwork and update folders, contact information and school-related accounts. Have kids help set up a smart study space where they can focus on homework. Check out Staples for unique, fun-colored organizers to make the area one of a kind and showcase the latest in back-to-school style. With a supportive chair, colorful desk organizers and plenty of pencils, pens and paper, the study space will be ready for bright minds who mean business.

    Tour the school and meet the teacher

    If your child is starting a new school this year, nerves can run high. Schedule a tour of the school or attend an open house so they can get acclimated. Whether the school is new or not, the teachers certainly will be. Reach out and see if you can schedule a time for your child to meet the teacher. It’s a great way to break the ice and ease fears. If that’s not possible, show your child their teacher’s picture on the school’s website and read welcome letters together. Putting a face to a name can be very helpful.

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