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    Stories Worth Sharing

    Every once in awhile, I come across a very special, heartwarming story. This week I have two worth sharing.

    At a Special Olympics track meet, a young girl had just won the 50-yard dash and was jumping up and down all excited.

    She yelled out to her parents, “Look, Mom and Dad, I won!”

    Her parents instantly burst into tears.

    At the award ceremony the young girl proudly stood there as a medal was placed around her neck.

    Then she ran over to her parents, who were crying now even more than before.

    The three of them hugged, as the parents kept crying.

    A Special Olympic official who had watched this whole scene became concerned and went over to the parents and asked, Excuse me, is there anything wrong?”

    Through her tears, the mother said, “No, nothing’s wrong. Everything’s right . . . We just heard our daughter speak for the first time.”

    This story actually made me tear up. It made me realize how blessed I am. My mother always told me, “there’s always someone worse off than you.”

    This reminded me of the Patience Prayer.
    “God grant me patience . . . and I want it right now!

    A doctor, who had devoted his life to helping the underprivileged, lived over a liquor store in the poor section of a large city. In front of the liquor store was a sign reading: Dr. Williams Is Upstairs.

    When he died, he had no relatives and he left no money for his burial. He had never asked for payment from anyone he ad ever treated. Friends and patients scraped enough money together to bury the good doctor, but they had no money for a tombstone. It appeared that his grave was going to be unmarked until someone came up with a wonderful suggestion. They took the sign from in front of the liquor store and nailed it to a post over his grave. It made a lovely epitaph: Dr. Williams Is Upstairs.

    This week’s bottom line: You can multiply happiness by dividing it.

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