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    Summer sandals: Pairing what we want with what we need

    While stylish for men and women, you may be surprised to learn wearing most flip-flops can hurt or even injure your feet.

    The flip-flop, an icon of summer, has for decades been the easy choice for warm weather and weekends on the go; however, it isn’t always the most supportive or healthy choice. Though we’ve clearly learned to pair our summer wardrobes with wide-brimmed hats and sunscreen to protect our skin, we still tend to neglect our feet – an important part of our body that can contribute to serious health problems down the road if injured or broken down.

    Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, founder of Orthaheel, a footwear company with orthotic technology says, “Non-supportive flip-flops can cause a common foot injury known as plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the tissue along the bottom of the foot and heel. Flip-flops leave feet prone to common muscle overuse injuries, which can be easily prevented with the right footwear.”

    Orthaheel offers many styles akin to the classic flip-flop, such as thong sandals with backstraps, even modestly heightened wedges with ankle straps. With adjustability and support, sandals can go from painful to easy and comfortable for walking all day, plus pops of color make each a style staple.

    A good pair of supportive sandals can be the first step to walking all-day in comfort, transforming a tired traveler to a breezy wayfarer. The American Podiatric Medical Association offers some good tips for choosing flip-flops:

    1. Look for shoes, including flip-flops, that have earned the APMA’s Seal of Acceptance. This seal indicates the APMA considers the shoe to be one that promotes good foot health. Footwear like Orthaheel carries the APMA seal and has demonstrated its ability to provide proper support to feet.

    2. Choose a flip-flop that bends only at the ball of the foot. You shouldn’t be able to bend your flip-flop in half. Footwear like Orthaheel sandals that are designed with technology concealed in the footbed are sturdy and provide arch support and alignment for the feet.

    3. Choose flip-flops with a long enough base that your toes and heels don’t hang off the edge of the sole.

    We’re all looking for easy, comfortable style throughout the season. Recent style trends support this notion with flowing maxi dresses, draping tops, relaxed fit “boyfriend” shorts and even a resurgence in one-piece swimsuits. Wear your good, supportive flip-flops as stylish accessories for any occasion, all summer long. They’re fashionably timeless, and if chosen carefully, will keep you comfortably ready for all the fun summer has to offer. Visit more information.

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