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    Take the hassle out of moving your boxes to a new home

    Americans are on the move. More than 35 million Americans moved last year, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. While relocating to a new place is exciting, it also brings its own set of worries, with packing and unpacking topping the list of stressors. With careful planning and organizing, your move can be more celebratory than stressful – just follow these tips.

    Select super supplies

    It’s no secret that high-caliber products produce the best results, so be sure to select good quality supplies to save you hassle, time and money during the moving process. When it comes to your valuables and your memories, don’t take risks – start with new, clean and sturdy boxes rather than relying on old, reused boxes. Make sure you have a variety of sizes on-hand.

    When sealing boxes, something as simple – and frustrating – as losing the tape end on your packaging tape can waste time and cause unneeded stress. Choose a quality packaging tape, like Duck brand EZ Start packaging tape, which offers Frustration Free technology. This makes it easy to start with every use and ensures you never lose the tape end. EZ Start packaging tape is available in clear, as well as a variety of fun prints, meaning it’s also great for organizing. Use it to color-code your boxes, assigning a different print to each room.

    Organize, don’t agonize

    Packing isn’t just about putting your belongings in boxes and heading on your way. Getting organized at both ends of your move will save you, and anyone helping you, time and hassle once everything arrives to its new destination. 

    Before you pack, think about the must-have items you need to function on a daily basis to ensure you have them within reach. And, create a survival kit of items you’ll need for your first night – this way, you won’t be forced to unpack everything at once.

    On top of your physical belongings, don’t forget to organize the things that make your home and life function. Fill out change of address forms early, and keep track of any important bills or paperwork that can’t be lost. Know who to contact to turn off utilities at your old location and how to turn them on when you move into your new place.

    If you already know how you’d like furniture arranged at your new place, create diagrams and written instructions for those helping you unpack. Foresight here will help get your home looking “homey” much faster and prevent helpers from guessing where each item should go.

    Have help on hand

    While relocating is exciting, it also means a lot of heavy lifting. There’s no need to go it alone. Recruit friends and family to help with packing and unloading on moving day – often the promise of pizza and snacks is the only reward necessary for a hard day’s work. If you want professional assistance, hire a reputable moving company.

    Make it easier on helpers by packing boxes smartly. Large boxes with heavy items are difficult to move and have a much greater chance of being dropped, damaging the valuables inside. Instead of cramming many items into one box, pack heavier items, like books, CDs and dishes, in small boxes; light items, like pillows, drapes, clothes and linens, in bigger ones. For extra protection for easy-to-break belongings, have some Bubble Wrap cushioning nearby. Bubble Wrap comes in an array of sizes and formats to help safeguard delicate items. Wrap items bubble-side in for best results.

    Finally, for ease of organization, clearly label boxes so you know where they go when you arrive. And, consider keeping a detailed list of contents to help keep track of your belongings.

    While no move will ever be completely stress-free, organization, some assistance and the right tools can help alleviate many common moving frustrations. For more moving tips or for information about Duck brand’s line of packaging, mailing and moving supplies, visit

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