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    Tips to get your winter fashions in prime wearing condition

    Sweater weather. Boot season. Whatever you call it, it’s time to say “farewell” to flowing summer dresses and “hello” to cozy sweaters, comfy sweatshirts, luxurious scarves, and stylish boots, because winter fashions are finally in season. To revamp your winter wardrobe for the colder temperatures ahead, consider these tips to make the transition easier.

    * Be clean and stain-free – Wash all your clothes – the winter ones coming out of storage and the summer ones you won’t be wearing for several months – to get rid of any stains, dirt or dust. Gain Flings Original are packed with great scent to make sure your winter outfits are clean, smelling great and ready to hit the town. Just pop in a pac and voila, clean!

    * Be soft and comfortable – Sweaters were made for cuddling, and you want yours to be soft and snuggly. Add Gain Original Fabric Softener when washing your sweaters to infuse the fabrics with softness that will make you want to curl up on the couch with hot cocoa all winter long. Once the load is done, carefully dry your sweaters flat on a drying rack.

    * Freshen up – Sometimes winter coats come out of storage smelling musty and dull. To combat the smell of moth balls, use Gain Fireworks Original to give your clothes an extra scent so you can rock your favorite pieces in style. Shake Gain Fireworks directly into the drum of you washer before your start the wash. Use a little or a lot – you control the dial on the scent.

    * Sort and replace – As you switch your clothes around from season to season, it’s the perfect time to sort through what you own, and maybe remove some items that are an older style, that have worn out or don’t fit the way they did last season. For the clothes that are in good condition, take them to a consignment store or donate to a charity. The bonus is, with the extra space in your closet, there’s no excuse to not go shopping for a new outfit, or two.

    If you’re in the process of safely storing summer outfits so they’ll be ready for the ”fun in the sun” next year, then take a little time to make sure they’re properly stored in a safe and convenient location.

    * Wrinkle-free storage – When putting away your summer clothes, you want to ensure they’ll stay clean and wrinkle-free throughout the year. Rolling clothes for storage is highly recommended by the travel industry because it helps you fit more clothes in smaller spaces and helps prevent wrinkles, too. Look for clean storage containers that you can securely close to prevent bugs or dust from getting into your clothes.

    Whether you’re putting away those bright summer clothes or prepping your winter fashions for wear, these useful tips will help you care for your clothing properly so they stay as beautiful as they were when you first bought them.

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