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    Top Ten Things You Can Do With Old Newspapers

    I’ve been in the newspaper business since 1963. I did work one year at Decker’s Meat Processing Plant, and three and half years at NCR in Dayton, Ohio during that same time, but most of my life, I’ve smelled ink.

    I recently ran across a website named They had a newspaper article on what you can do with old newspapers. Thought you might enjoy some of these ideas.

    1. Painting Mask

    Cut sheets of newspaper and use painter’s tape to cover windows when you paint. When you’re done, simply remove the paper and discard it!
    2. Inexpensive Wrapping Paper
    Wrap birthday gifts with old newspaper! You can even cut thin strips to make a bow too!
    3. Quick and Easy Clean Up
    Lay folded newspaper on your counter or table before you cut up messy fruits or vegetables.
    Once done, just fold up and throw away!
    4. Picnic Table Cloth
    Tape down sheets of newspaper on your picnic table so it can collect spills, drips, et cetera. Rip it up and throw it away when you’re done!
    5. Floor Covers
    Place several folded sheets of old newspaper on the floors of your vehicle. It will absorb water and help keep mud and dirt off the carpet!
    6. Fruit and Vegetable Drawer Liner
    Wrap green tomatoes in sheets of newspaper. Then, layer them in a box and close the lid. Check on them every couple days, and they will eventually ripen up to a rosy red color!
    Place sheets of newspaper in the fruit and vegetable drawer in your refrigerator. Not only will the paper catch messes from rotted produce, but it will also keep the drawer free from odors.
    7. Sleep Outside Better
    Place several sheets of newspaper underneath your sleeping bag when you sleep under the stars. The newspaper will keep your bag dry, free from dirt and grass stains, and provide a warm padding.
    9. Fireplace Logs
    Roll old newspapers up and tie them tightly with string. Then, use them in your fireplace as makeshift logs. Each one burns for a while, and doing this will save on wood.
    10. Make A Funnel
    Roll up a newspaper to make a paper funnel. It’s best used for dry goods, but it can hold up to water for short time.

    This week’s bottom line: You probably thought the only use for old newspaper was to line your birdcage?
    I read about eight newspapers in a day. When I’m in a town with only one newspaper, I read it eight times.
    Will Rogers

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