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    Two-Week Bachelor . . . Home Alone!

    I’ve been blessed enough to travel to Alaska two times on a fishing trip. Now it’s Ginger’s turn. The story goes like this:

    Ginger received her Bob Ross oil certificate in 2012. While she was attending her certification, she met several lady friends that she speaks with quite often.

    I came home from work a few months back, and Ginger told me that Carolyn, from Alaska, called today and wants her to come to Alaska to help her introduce people to the Bob Ross style of painting.

    “Do you have enough stash money to purchase a ticket to Alaska? I inquired.

    “Well no, but I thought you would buy my ticket,” she added.

    “Tell you what I’m going to do. Not once did you complain, when I went on my fishing trips to Alaska. So, I accept your offer, for me to purchase your air flight tickets,” I announced.

    After I survived the kiss and hugs, she immediately went into her shopping mode. “I’ll be back in a few hours, I have to get some new clothes, if I’m going to Alaska,” she informed me as she shut the door.

    It has probably been six months or more, but Ginger will leave for Alaska Tuesday, July 2, 2013. Carolyn has been very generous, because when I checked Ginger’s tickets, she was flying first class.

    In all of my travels, while attending board meetings, conferences, vacations, and hijackings, I’ve never flown first class.

    It will be me and the other woman in my life, Rosie, the famous cocker spaniel, who loves to chase golf balls.

    Ginger has made sure that I won’t starve while she’s gone. There must be enough food in our freezer to feed half of India. I’ve had review lessons, on feeding the dog, doing the laundry, watering the flowerbeds, and running the vacuum sweeper. Not to mention the “to do list” she has written up for me.

    Just think, 12 days with just me and Rosie, and the TV clicker.

    Don’t be surprised, if you receive a telephone call from me soon, trying to find out how you get the bag out of the vacuum sweeper.

    And I know I’ll have to call someone about Ginger’s flower beds slowly dying. Oh yeah, and how do you keep a Hibiscus bloom from hanging its head?

    This week’s bottom line: I think I’ll have steak the first time alone with all the trimmings. I understand Outback has coupons for buy one get one free. I know Rosie likes steak too.

    A bachelor is a guy who never made the same mistake once,
    Phyllis Diller

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