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    Valley Echoes 5-15-13

    I once read a quote by Karl Schlegal that read “A family can develop only with a loving woman as its center.

    Ginger’s birthday was  last Saturday. We decided to stay at home for the evening just the two of us, along with Rosie, our cocker spaniel.

    We were contemplating on having pizza for dinner, when my cell phone rang.  “Hey what you guys doing?”  Came from the voice, that I knew was our son, JR.

    “Oh, nothing much, just trying to decide what we’re having for dinner. What about
    your family?”  I replied truthfully.

    “We just wanted to know if you were going to be home tonight, we’re coming over to help celebrate Mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day,  he informed me.

    “Yeah, come on over. We’ll be here.

    Jr and Lainie and the kids are coming over for your birthday, I reported to Ginger.

    I’m going to fix hamburgers, baked beans, mac and cheese, and we can also have a salad,  she yelled while telling me to get the vacumn sweeper out.

    “Where you going? “ I asked as she darted to the car.

    “The grocery, I’ll be right back,  she answered.  “Don’t forget to run the sweeper. ”

    The white tornado has landed, I thought to myself.  Why on earth do women do
    these things when we’re about to have family over for dinner?

    Ginger managed to get dinner ready in less than one hour. I vacumned the
    Downstairs carpet, and picked up my shoes. I then shaved, took a shower and changed my clothes.

    “Help me set the table.” There will be nine of us altogether,  she divulged.

    Nine?   She must be loosing it, because there were only sIx of us. Four for JR. And the two of us.

    “I told you nine place settings,  Ginger informed me again after inspection.

    “There’s only sIx!”  I declared.

    “No, Kelly and David are coming over too,”  she explained.

    Just like that we had nIne dinner guest.  The evening went as usual, we laughed, we celebrated, the men watched the golf channel, the women made small talk at the
    dinning room table, and the kids kept their heads down in their Ipads and cell

    All in all, it was a great evening. Ginger performed  one of her miracles with dinner, and her 67th birthday was a big surprise.

    This week’s bottom line: Children are the anchors of a mother’s life.

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