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    Visitors For The Weekend

    One of my employees asked this morning if I had a good weekend? “I replied, “I wouldn’t say it was typical, but we had fun.”

    We had two of our grandchildren Trey and Ella Godfrey for the weekend. Of course, Ginger had the weekend planned in advance. The first night was nothing more than watching TV and playing games.

    One of Ella’s favorite things to do is put a crossword puzzle together with Grampie. I would estimate that we’ve put this puzzle together about 100 times. And each time it goes like this: “I’ll find the outside pieces Ella and you start the middle,” I suggest.

    As I find the straight pieces, Ella has already found one side, and starting the bottom. I connect several inside pieces by shape and color. We complete the entire puzzle in less than three minutes. I really think Ella could put this puzzle together blind folded. I know it’s three minutes because we usually set the timer, to see how long it takes us?

    When the masterpiece is completed, Ella always says, “Lets do it again Grampie.”

    “I’m getting a little bored with this puzzle, lets play Old Maid,” I announce.

    “We can’t,” she replies, “I don’t have my Old Maid cards.”

    “That’s OK, I’ll show you how we can play with a regular deck of cards.”

    Three hundred and fifty games later, we call it quits. “Lets play the quarter game,” she yells. “Come on Trey, we’re going to play the quarter game.”

    If you’ve never played the quarter game, you’re missing a classic. You’ll need five dice. Remember, it’s six right, five left, and fours in the pot. You keep playing until someone wins the pot. I have to admit I really like the dice game, but lets play it just one time.
    “I’ll get the quarters Grampie,” Ella reports. This is when one of the grandkids runs to the money jar and brings back quarters for everybody. They have masterly figured out that the jar supplies the quarters, and the winner takes them home.

    On Saturday, I try to watch the football game, but Ginger has other plans. “We’re running out of time, let’s help Trey and Ella make a food gift for our Christmas party,” she reveals.

    “That sounds great, Ohio State doesn’t play until 8:00 p.m.,” I admit.

    Ten minutes later we’re all drenched in flour and wearing aprons. Trey went first trying to make his first batch of homemade noodles. Ella is next and the six year old surprises everybody.

    “This will make a excellent gift,” Ginger smiles. “All we have to add is canned beef or chicken, matching broth, and something for dessert,”

    This week’s bottom line: I think it would have been cheaper to play the quarter game again.

    A mother becomes a true grandmother the day she stops noticing the terrible things her children do because she is so enchanted with the wonderful things her grandchildren do.
    Lois Wyse

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