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    Women’s style: Expert advice for dressing and feeling more confident

    A variety of factors play into a confident appearance, but many women are unaware of simple ways they can come across as more poised and self-assured every day. Bobbie Thomas, national style expert and author of The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow, shares her advice on quick and easy ways to look and feel more confident.

    Get in touch with your personal style: Pull the inside out. This is the key to self-expression and the definition of true style. To do this, women should ask themselves, “What do I want to say? Attract? And what is the most important thing I want others to know about me?” Then, take an honest look in the mirror and make sure their reflections match that message. Lastly, women need to invest in themselves – learn their best colors, most flattering cuts for their body types, and then take the time to edit their closets according to their goals.

    Consider your body language: Women’s confidence comes from within, but it is just as important to be conscious of messages communicated nonverbally, as they are important to other people’s perceptions. A woman’s body language speaks louder than words and says a lot about her comfort and core confidence. What can make a huge difference? Focusing on posture and standing tall, making eye contact when speaking to people and even smiling can communicate confidence. Stretching every morning or practicing yoga are also great ways for women to learn how to balance and improve the way they carry themselves. Plus, not only does good posture help with exuding strong self-confidence, it can also contribute to overall health and even make your clothes look their best.

    Pay attention to the details: Most women have mastered their everyday beauty routines, but often neglect caring for their armpit skin. Underarms require the same attention as the rest of the body and can make a major difference in the way women feel when wearing sleeveless attire. The Dove PitiCure will help women give their armpits the care they need in three simple steps. First, exfoliate the area with a gentle exfoliating wipe to draw out impurities in the skin. Second, use warm water to rinse the area clean and pat dry with a soft towel. Finally, I recommend using New Dove Advanced Care to moisturize the skin because it is the only Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant formulated with NutriumMoisture and is proven to make underarm skin softer and smoother in just three days. Plus, women can expect 48-hour odor and wetness protection for long-lasting freshness.

    As simple as it may seem, underarm care can have a significant impact on a woman’s style choices. With one less thing to worry about, she is more likely to feel strong, powerful and self-assured in her own skin, which will cascade throughout all aspects of her life. Visit for more information on New Dove Advanced Care Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant with NutriumMoisture.

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