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    PS2 1.29.18

    Penny Saver 1-22-18

    Penny Saver 1-22-18

    Florida Is Definitely More Enjoyable

    It’s been seven years since Ginger and I have spent the winter in Ohio. We both had to go shopping for hats, scarves, gloves, and boots. Our thermostat was moved…

    stillwater valley adv. 1-17-18

    Stillwater valley advertiser 1.17.18

    SVA 1-17-18 by glgodfrey on Scribd…

    Growing need for ag expertise: Not all high-paid careers are on the farm

    (BPT) – As the farming industry faces growing consolidation in the U.S., one might get the impression fewer jobs are now available in agriculture. In fact, just the opposite is…

    Stillwater Valley Advertiser 1.3.2018

    America’s condiments, by region and recipe

    Take a moment to think about what’s in the door of your refrigerator. Chances are that it’s jam-packed with condiments: a couple of varieties of mustard, maybe some hot sauce,…